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CHANGE OF MEMBERSHIP POLICY: A change in membership includes changes in membership levels that take an athlete from one status of membership to another status of membership excluding a full cancellation. These changes can be made up to 5 days in advance of the athletes billing date. For example: If an athlete would like to change their membership from Unlimited Classes to 2 times per week, or vice versa that constitutes a change in membership.

PAUSE AND/OR CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP POLICY: At Industrious, we don’t believe in locking athletes into contracts and not letting them get out of them. With that said, we have an easy cancellation policy for athletes to be able to pause or cancel their memberships at any point in time. To pause or cancel your membership, this form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to your scheduled billing date. If a membership is cancelled the athlete loses any Grandfathered Pricing they may have received if and when they return to the gym. An athlete may pause their membership for any time period between 2 weeks and 1 month, so as not to lose any value from travel, simply not being able to make it in during a busy time in their life, etc. and the athlete will maintain their previous rate when they return.

A. I would like to change my membership from _____________________(Prior Membership) to

___________________(New Membership) effective on _____________________(date)

B. I would like to pause my membership effective____________________ (date)

C. I would like to cancel my membership effective ___________________ (date)



Your feedback is incredibly important to us. If you are cancelling your membership please tell us why:


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