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Daily Workout

December 11, 2019

3 Waves of 7-5-3 Bench press *Week 1/4
– THEN –
50 Double unders
25 Thrusters (95/65)
50 Double unders
25 Power snatch (95/65#)
50 Double unders
25 Squat clean (95/65#)
50 Double unders
25 OTB burpees
50 Double unders
*15 minute time cap

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:
40 jump rope
30 plank shoulder tap
Max DB Thrusters

The results from our feedback survey have been rolling in, and we are so excited to get to work on the things that YOU WANT!
We have already started construction in South Lake Union to complete “The Mezz” which will open up significantly more space! We are on track for an early January completion date. Furthermore, large ventilation fans are being installed, and our sound system is being mounted up high to create a better/more balanced volume and music experience in the gym.
In Lynnwood we started construction yesterday to create the best experience possible for you in 2020 and beyond! The scope of the Lynnwood Remodel is as follows:
– New tile bathroom finishes!
– Wall repairs!
– New shower room being installed!
– Framing in the loft!
– New rubber base!
– New paint!
– Finished black ceiling on the conditioning side!
– New lighting!
– Fans!
– Floor repairs, and all new matting!
– Window installation on back garage doors!
Please bear with us while we get through the pain of doing work in the gym, but we are so excited to give these amazing new upgrades!

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