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1) What brought you to Industrious?

A move across the country! My husband retired from the Army and we stayed on the East Coast for a few years following. We wanted to be closer to family so we came to the PNW. I was looking for a new way to workout and was intrigued by CrossFit. It took me a whole year to get up the courage to come through the Industrious doors and I am so glad I did!

2) What is the most significant change you have experienced since you have been here?

At Industrious I am doing things that I never dreamed of doing! I love feeling strong and learning what my body is capable of. Being mobile and strong enough to accomplish new movements and lifts is the BEST!

3) What is your favorite thing about Industrious?

The community! Everyone is so authentic and inspiring. I appreciate the coaches tremendously. They have the ability to pull out the best in you and make you want to work hard for your self and for Industrious!

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

I would love to get my shoulder healthy enough to be able participate in the open next year. There are quite a few movements that I have been unable to do however it is coming along, which is so exciting and I am able to do more each week. Special shoutout to Chryssie for giving me scaling options to progress it while still getting an awesome workout!!!!!

5) Share one thing we do not know about you.

I met my husband in 8th grade and we were high school sweethearts. We have been married 32 years this August and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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