INFORMATION COLLECTED – Using a Facebook tracking pixel, we are able to identify which Facebook users are viewing our content. Knowing which Facebook users view our content allows us to re-target those users. This means we are able to show advertisements to the specific users who have shown interest in our product(s) or service(s). No information is collected using this method that has not already been provided to Facebook by you. Should you not want your information shared, you should remove it from Facebook, as Facebook reserves the right to share the information you provide. We also may collect information from intake forms, which may ask you to enter your name, email address, phone number, and/or answers to various questions which are all clearly stated. Providing this information is optional, but may be necessary to perform an action such as viewing content, watching a video, accessing a page, receiving a file, or receiving an email. Upon submission of that information, you may be added to a mailing list or series of mailing lists. Additionally, we may also use a tracking pixel provided by an email marketing company to track information about which pages you view, the frequency, duration, time and date. That information may also be used to subscribe you to an email list or series of lists, but only if you’ve already opted in to receive our emails. All mailing lists can be unsubscribed from using the link in any email you receive from us, or you can contact us directly using the information at the end of this policy. At times, we may use a cookie to collect data about when you viewed our content, so that we can initiate time sensitive actions such as countdowns and redirects.

USE OF INFORMATION – We simply use the information for advertising and sales purposes. Your information will not be sold or provided to a third-party.

CONTROL OF INFORMATION – As stated above, should you not want your information shared with us, you should remove it from Facebook, as Facebook reserves the right to share the information you provide. If you would like your information removed from our marketing database, please inform us using one of the contact methods listed at the end of this policy and we will remove it.

PROTECTION OF INFORMATION – Your information is protected with encryption on the servers where the data stored. The level of security varies depending on the server, company, location, and country. We have every reason to believe your information is stored securely but cannot guarantee it.

REMOVAL OF INFORMATION – If you would like us to remove your information from our database, please contact us using the following methods:


+1 (425) 582-9598