The Evolution of Fitness

The HALO by Industrious™ is the most unique feature about the Industrious experience. Inspired by the coveted garage gym, The Halo™ is a 13x13ft dedicated workout station that is strategically oriented with state of the art equipment.

the origin

Born Out Of Necessity Comes A New Standard In Fitness

The HALO concept was first tested during the global pandemic. This individual workout alternative quickly became the preference of our members. It’s guaranteed you will always have the equipment you need, when you need it. So pick a HALO and get after it!

Digging Deeper

this is what happens inside the halo

Within the Industrious HALO, we stretch, we lift, we grind, we sweat. We challenge each other to work harder, dig deeper, and break through barriers to unlock the inner badass in all of us.

The HALOs, the vibes, the coaches, the workouts, the class structure, all create the no bullshit environment that makes training day in and day out real and sustainable. No gimmicks, no stupid human tricks, just real people working hard, living fit, and crushing life.

The industrious

an Annual Competition in downtown seattle

The HALO Games is an annual competition put on by Industrious. All athletes compete inside the HALO to test themselves against some of the best in the Northwest! To learn more about the HALO Games, visit our competition website.