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A few words from the co-founder, Stephen Hitt

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The HALO system is not only different, but it is disruptive to the conventional delivery of group functional fitness. A HALO is a 13×13 ft workout station designed to do two things: get you crazy fit and keep you safe (yes from transmission of respiratory illness, but also from getting someone else’s barbell dropped on you). The system was inspired by the iconic “At Home, Garage Gym”. The problem with the Garage Gym is that it isolates, which is great for fitness during COVID, but not when what you need is to push harder, and live more full in the presence of other people. Enter the HALO, the best of both worlds. Each HALO comes with the exact same state-of-the-art equipment, approach to program workouts, and a class experience in the context of group fitness that is simply not feasible for other functional fitness gyms, or group fitness brands.

The Industrious Business Model was developed through 11 years of experience learning what makes gyms successful in the group, functional fitness space.  Over the years we have figured out the algorithm for what attracts people to our gyms, what keeps them coming back, how to attract and retain coaching talent, while driving unit economics within a gym to make it a lucrative venture for the investment in time and money.

There is an old saying in the branding world “People don’t talk about average, they talk about different”. At Industrious we believe in this whole heartedly. Everything about Industrious Branding is not only beautiful, but it is attractive, different, and superior. It makes people say “tell me more”. While all aspects of our branding create the buzz, nothing is more powerful than our cherished symbol the “Hammer & Axe”, which means “Hard Work” or “Industriousness”. John Wooden put “Industriousness” at the foundation of his pyramid of success, because there is no substitute for Hard Work, especially in terms of sustainable fitness and lifestyle goals. Simply put, we connect with people and make them work harder than they thought possible.

Industrious understands how to reach and connect with prospective customers in the digital space. We provide franchisees with the creative assets, digital marketing, website, social media, and email automation systems that get people’s attention and bring them to your very own Industrious gym where you can seal the deal. The most crucial aspect for any gym is making sure that your pipelines are always full and that you are always retaining your customers in your intentional day to day interactions, not only inside the gyms, but digitally as well. We ensure that you’re taken care of on both sides of the equation!

The Industrious 365 Marketing Program is the secret system that finds itself at the intersection of seasonal consumer behaviors, messaging, and campaigning that strategically acquires, retains and engages your customers so that they sign up and stay on with your gyms.

There is not a better resource for you than having direct access to the owners, officers, and founders of Industrious as you work through the most exciting venture of your life. We understand what it takes to get online, get open, get profitable, and we FIRMLY believe that your success is our success and we are in this together. When you become an Industrious Franchisee, you are not just a franchisee, we consider you to be part of our family, and you will be treated as such.

why industrious

Bypass Common Obstacles and Save Years in the Process

Each Industrious Franchise comes with access to the following done-for-you resources to catapult your business to success at a quicker rate!

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These values describe who we are at our core.

We’re looking for our franchisees to be aligned on these values. If you promote and exhibit these qualities, then Industrious is the perfect fit for you.

Hard Work

We work like lives depend on us


We work to appreciate and cherish what we have


we believe it takes work to have the best life possible. and it's worth it.


We work to protect and nurture a thriving community


We believe firmly in the power of working with positive energy


We work to do all the right things, for all the right people, for all the right reasons


we work to be the best at getting better

The Evolution of Fitness

The HALO by Industrious™ is the most unique feature about the Industrious experience. Inspired by the coveted garage gym, The Halo™ is a 13x13ft dedicated workout station that is strategically oriented with state of the art equipment.

The HALO™ allows us to program truly unique group fitness experiences which is why we have a pending provisional patent, as well as registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Within the Industrious HALO, we stretch, we lift, we grind, we sweat. We challenge each other to work harder, dig deeper, and break through barriers to unlock the inner badass in all of us.

The HALOs, the vibes, the coaches, the workouts, the class structure, all create the no bullshit environment that makes training day in and day out real and sustainable. No gimmicks, no stupid human tricks, just real people working hard, living fit, and crushing life.

New Entities
Existing Entities

Qualifications for Starting an Industrious Franchise as a New Entity:

  • Ideally some sort of experience in a related field, but a success track record/business history if not
  • 3 months of personal bank statements/evidence of additional cash on hand and potentially a recent personal tax return or personal financial statement
  • 700+ credit required: no prior BK, reasonable revolving debt rations, homeowner, legitimate credit depth in general
  • Rates will be a little higher, and terms most likely limited to 36 months
  • High likelihood of needing 20% down

what it takes

Qualifications Needed for Beginning the Franchise Process

Whether you’re looking to build a new business or convert your existing business, here’s a look at what it takes to get started.


Estimated Initial Investment Costs

SBA Financing is available! Requirements include:

  • 700+ Credit Score
  • Business Experience
  • 20% Down

For a detailed list of investment details, please fill out the contact form.

Initial franchise fee (see Note 1) $35,000 Upon signing the franchise agreement
Real Estate/Rent (see Note 2) $6,000 - $42,000 Upon signing lease

Own and operate your own Industrious Franchise. This model is perfect for you if you are a passionate entrepreneur who is ready to wake up and do what you love—helping people work hard, live fit while crushing business goals along the way.

Become an Industrious owner while maintaining your current job or occupation. This model creates a close partnership between owner and manager to create a successful gym experience for members and potential return on investment for both owner and manager.

A Multi-Unit Opportunity exists for Franchisees who want to gain exclusive rights to an entire territory. Generally, this owner profile is someone, or an existing entity coming into the Industrious System with previous franchising experience and more capital to build a larger team to run a system of Industrious Gym in an exclusive market.

Ownership Models

When it comes to ownership, you have options

Each Industrious Ownership Model is designed to support your schedule busy schedule as you work toward your entrepreneurial goals!

Steps to Ownership

If you’re ready to get started with an Industrious Franchise, here’s an overview of the next steps in the process.

Fill Out The Ownership Questionnaire

Take that first step! For those interested in learning more, fill out our Ownership Questionnaire.

Review the Franchise Guide

After you’ve filled out the questionnaire, you’ll gain instant access to more our Franchise Guide, which offers a more detailed look at this opportunity.

Introductory Phone Meeting

We’ll schedule a phone call so you can get to know us, we can get to know you, and you can ask any questions you may have to determine if Industrious is the right fit for you.

Visit Industrious

Come feel the energy and passion we have for improving lives first hand! You’ll get a chance to walk through our flagship location, sweat with us, and get immersed in the whole experience. We’ll show you all the behind the scenes details that make Industrious run!

Begin the Franchising Process

Once you have decided that you are ready for this amazing journey, we will begin the formal franchising process!

Take the First Step

Contact us for more information on owning an industrious location

After filling out this form you’ll also gain access to more investment details!

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